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Indian glamour industry is growing in multiple folds from last 10 years but the craze about the models is in existence since long, and now when internet is so common and you can watch the latest upcoming models and compliment their beauty and glamour. With all these there are additional professions where these models earn a huge income and to the top of the list is the Delhi model escorts, where a lot of female models are found offering their intimate services to the high class businessmen who look for only elite companions for the erotic entertainment services. No some but most of these models are those ramp models who do the runway shoots and then people are so much attracted towards them like if they were only for the spicy taste of the hot sexual pleasure.

Perfect taste of Class you find with Model Escorts in Delhi

How much a girl spend on her grooming in a month? And now think how much a models does? almost 10 times to the ordinary girl, yes atleast 10 times! Don't get so excited as this is just a part of the expenses for a female model who keep herself presentable at every moment of her life. Specially if you talk about Model Escorts in Delhi then Delhi models who are thought-through as the best Indian models whom you can see in your everyday life from Tv advertisements to the newspaper ads and Magazine cover girls. We the elite escort agency in Delhi 'Get me Pink' have most of such high class model escorts in Delhi who are ready to offer their service with utmost gratification.

Your identity is always protected and no leak of privacy

The Model Escorts in Delhi usually charges their client based on the number of hours and intimate sessions. Some even take the escorts to their business trips to divert their minds as and when needed in between the boring business meetings. Our exotic models can fulfil every sexual fantasy that you have had in your life. These Delhi based Elite Model Escorts are fun loving and gentle in the outdoors but can be limitlessly naughty in the bedrooms. This entire service is very anonymous and discreet. Both the client and the employees sign in a mutual bond of protecting the true identity of the escort. Our expert service takes you on the wildest and wettest sexual encounters of your life. So, when in Delhi and you have a few hours to spare with a lump sum money in your pocket, just book our bold Delhi Model Escorts to make every penny worth the experience.

Get to know our Elite models in Delhi

  • Q 1

    Are these real models

    It is nothing like real or fake, all you must know is they are those models whom you actually dream to meet in your life. They are hot, sexy and everyone desire to love them. Further if you have any doubt then just give us a call and celebrate your dreams with real hot,sexy asnd seductive Delhi Escort beauties

  • Q 2

    Can I see their pics

    Yes ofcourse you can see the pics, the real pics both portfolio and normal clicks. Remember we send a few pics and even after that you are not sure then move to next and do not ask for more poses as we are not sending you pics to create a album of photos. So always remain in limits and we will serve you well.There are no girls better than female travel escorts India to travel with you.

  • Q 3

    Are these escorts, Google Models

    Its nothing like a Google model exist in the real world, everyone is on internet and social media so you can search them online by their real names, but our models don't want to compromise their identity so they do not prefer to share their online profile and would rather make sure not a single client will poke her online on any social networks so direct pics sharing is good to go.

  • Q 4

    If they are not Google models then why so much charges

    People have started this as a fake business putting a fake photoshoot of a normal Slum girl on few blogs with a fake unique name and tell the clients 'the name' just to lure that this girl can be searched on google. Its all like fishing people for the wrong cause and nothing else.

  • Q 5

    Can I get to see their intimate pics(Nude or topless)

    Just to make sure I will remind you again that we are offering escort services and that too very discreetly, and not running a p-o-r-n website or a N-UD-E picture gallery website. So instead asking such stupid things just take your time to give peace to your mind.


I have previous modelling experience and believe that beauty belongs to the healthy body. This is not an exaggeration, I am afraid, you may get dozed by my beauty. You need Delhi hot model escorts! No need to go anywhere (I believe-you are not going anywhere after our meeting). So what are you waiting for, contact me as soon as you get time to partying.

How to make a booking with MOdel escorts in Delhi

It is an easy task to book the model escorts in Delhi but do not make it more complicated by behaving rudely or asking pointless questions which are nowhere related to escort services or the models itself. We have ramp models, TV models, Ad models as well as International models in Delhi who can provide you escort services as per your own taste.

Which Hotels in Delhi

New Delhi is more developed than the old Delhi. The area is planned and has space for all the modern activities like it has new infrastructure that is home to the entire high class outsiders visit Delhi. During their stay in Delhi they ask for escort in New Delhi to overcome their loneliness. And our escort service is remedy for them, we provide them best escort at their residence or wherever they wish to, and we also provide 3/4/5 Stared Hotels and Inns,resorts to enjoy their lovely moments with their dream girl.

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